Understanding the Cause Behind Your Sweating Windows

Do you sometimes notice that your sliding or picture windows seem to “sweat” during summer? This doesn’t mean your windows are defective; rather, it’s just condensation, and it tends to happen to windows at any season throughout the year. To learn more about condensation and how it affects your windows, here’s what you need to know.

Sweating Windows

How Is Condensation Formed?

Condensation that forms on the window happens when one side of the surface is cooler than the “dew point” temperature of the air in contact with the other side. This can happen during the summer months when the outdoor air is extremely humid while the indoor temperatures are much cooler. The external side of the windows can get wet from rain and other weather elements, but it won’t cause any deterioration and the condensation can disappear as soon as the outdoor air temperatures rise. 

When the sun’s heat touches the glass on your windows, the low emissivity (low-e) coating helps keep it from entering your home. It also minimizes the heat transfer from the inside, which means the outer glass surface gets cooler below the outdoor air temperatures. This is when the mixture of inside and outside temperatures can form condensation, and when this happens, it can be a good sign that the windows are tightly sealed and doing their job properly. 

Should You Worry About Sweaty Windows?

Usually, condensation forming on your windows means they’re functioning as intended. It’ll form more often whenever you use your AC during the summer months in the early morning or evening hours. This is because the air tends to be much cooler during these times, but it’ll dry up as the day progresses and the temperatures climb. Of course, condensation will sometimes leave unsightly water stains as they dry up, but they’re usually easy to clean with a proper wipe.

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