The Telltale Signs of a Poor Window Installation

Your new windows are only as good as the installation behind them. If not installed properly, you’ll be wasting time, money and effort. Plus, you won’t get to enjoy the many benefits your new windows can provide you, including improved energy efficiency and enhanced curb appeal. Poorly installed windows can also end up causing more damage to your home than you may ever realize.

Poor Window Installation

Today, we take a look at the signs of poor window installation.

Messy, Uneven Caulking

The caulk used for each replacement window unit installed protects your indoor living spaces from drafts and the other elements. When inspecting your newly installed windows, make sure to check the caulking if it is smooth and even, with no visible holes or gaps. If it looks messy, uneven or patchy, then it is an indication that the installers cut corners, turning in substandard workmanship. It’s either they’re inexperienced or were in a hurry to finish the project.

Foggy Window Panes

Multi-paned windows are filled with gas and sealed between the panes. This adds a layer of insulation that helps improve your home’s energy efficiency. But if you notice that they look foggy despite the weather, it may be a warning sign of a bad installation job. This is because the window seals were broken during the installation process and moisture has seeped in between the panes. If this happens soon after installation, make sure to reach out to your installer and replace the defective window since they’re still under warranty.

Crooked Window Placement

This can be easily spotted as soon as your windows are newly installed. Your new windows shouldn’t just look beautiful and functional but also properly leveled. Other telltale signs of substandard placement include gaps between the sill and frame, which also indicates that the windows weren’t measured properly during installation.

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