The Best Solution to Your Window Warping Problems

Adding protection and beauty to your home, your windows are one of the most important features of your property. As a dedicated homeowner, you always make sure that they function properly. Thus, you should also be aware of the potential problems they might face. One of them is window warping. 

Window Warping Problems

What Is a Warped Window? 

Warping usually occurs in a wood window. If your wood window begins to bend and becomes deformed, you are most likely facing a warped window problem. If not repaired or replaced soon, it will create large gaps that might affect the aesthetics of your home. 

Moisture is one of the major reasons why your window is warping. Wood easily absorbs and retains water, which leads to rot and warp. When your window absorbs moisture, it causes stress, which forces your window to shrink and expand. While other factors cause a wood window to warp, such as airflow, sunlight and temperature, it is still inevitable if your wood window is frequently exposed to water. 

What Happens to an Untreated Warped Window?

A warped window can be a huge problem if you live somewhere with high levels of humidity, rain and snow. Once you think your window is warping, you should call for a professional to install a replacement as soon as possible. If not, it will continue to bend, expand and twist so much that it’ll spoil the beauty of your home. 

Additionally, you might lose the functionality of your window when it succumbs to warping. As it expands and bends, it will lose its fit in the window frame. As time goes by, a warped window will eventually be difficult to open and close, especially if you’re sporting double hung windows. Also, warping causes gaps to open between the window sash and frame. This allows the temperature inside your home to escape through these holes. Not only will you feel uncomfortable, but this will also raise your utility bills. 

What Are the Solutions to a Warped Window?

You can opt to fix a warped window, but it may only serve as a temporary solution. As such, the best way to fix a warped window once and for all is to completely replace it. To eradicate the possibility of window warping, don’t buy a wood window as a replacement. The best option for you is a Fibrex® window. 

While a vinyl window is also a great choice to prevent window warping, a Fibrex window is twice as strong and performs better for extreme temperatures. Made up of reclaimed wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer, this sustainable and durable window won’t easily give in to moisture that may lead up to warping. 

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