Should You Replace Your Windows or Siding First?

Your home can’t be complete without windows and siding. These two features add to your property’s unique aesthetic, protect your interior against the elements and contribute to your home’s energy efficiency.

Replace Your Windows or Siding First

If you plan on replacing your windows and siding, it’s best to do both of these projects at the same time. But if not, here are some tips.

Window or Siding: Which Should You Replace First?

If you’re installing new construction windows, it’s best to replace the windows before siding. In this type of window replacement, contractors need to install the windows from the outside. This entails the removal of the capping and moisture barrier underneath the siding. That said, it’s more practical and efficient to install your new windows before your new siding.

What Happens When You Replace the Siding First?

When replacing the siding before the windows, the capping on the old windows might get damaged as the contractor removes the old siding. This means your contractor will need to work on the capping of the old windows and then later on the capping of the new windows – unnecessarily increasing your expenses. Some contractors, however, offer free capping. You can ask your siding installers if they will do the capping at no extra cost. 

Another thing you need to consider is the moisture barrier. If you replace your siding first, your contractor will need to remove the new siding so that they can access the moisture barrier during window replacement. 

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