Is Window Condensation Normal?

One morning you wake up and notice that your windows are covered in condensation. Whether this is a concern or not depends on why it happened.

Window Condensation

When Condensation Is a Normal Occurrence

Condensation collects on your window when there’s a difference in temperature on the outside and inside your window. On a cold winter day, you will usually see condensation on the inside part of your window. This is because of the heat from your furnace and warm air inside your home. Likewise, during a hot summer day, the outside of your window will have condensation due to the air conditioning inside your home.

This condensation will eventually evaporate and leave your window’s view clear again. If this is the case for you, know that it’s not something that should concern you. It’s completely normal and doesn’t indicate window damage.

When Condensation Is a Not Normal Occurrence

If the cold air outside has subsided and your furnace is off, then the condensation should eventually fade away. Otherwise, it’s possible that the condensation has formed between the panes and not either on the interior or exterior part of your window. If this is the case, then your window’s seal has failed.

Similarly, if the condensation occurs throughout the day instead of appearing and disappearing with the weather changes, then there is also a problem with your window. A moldy or stale smell is also a sign that there is water damage to your window due to condensation. Since it is indicative of a window seal failure, there’s no other recourse than to tackle window replacement as soon as possible.

How to Prevent Window Condensation

Although you can’t prevent condensation entirely, there are ways that help reduce its occurrence. You can:

  • Open your curtains and blinds.
  • Air out your home to reduce indoor humidity.
  • Use exhaust fans while cooking or showering
  • Buy a dehumidifier.

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