In or Out: Which Way Should Your Casement Windows Swing?

Casement windows offer great airflow control and an ample amount of natural lighting. They can be opened from either the left or the right. Manufacturers label casement windows as from curb left (FCL) and from curb right (FCR). FCL windows have left-side hinges while FCR windows have right-side hinges. You should visualize how your casement windows will open from the outside to determine the direction they will swing. 

Casement Windows Swing

Here are a few things to consider to help you decide whether to have your casements swinging inward or outward.


Casement windows positioned right next to each other should open like double doors, which means a pair of casement windows must have their hinges away from each other. Opening them this way introduces more natural light and reduces any gap between the panels. Furthermore, it also helps minimize dust accumulation and improves insulation.

How the Windows Look From the Inside

For most designers, casement window hinges should always stay close to the corner of the room to ensure they always open toward the center. From the inside, it creates a balanced interior aesthetic that’s pleasing to the eyes.


Proper casement window installation and positioning provide better ventilation. For instance, having adjacent casements open like a double door increases the airflow inside the house. This prevents moisture buildup and lowers the risk of mold growth. 

Your Dominant Hand

You can simply base your decision on your dominant hand. Generally, it’s more convenient to match the placement of the crank to your dominant hand. So, if you’re left-handed, the crank must be on your left, too.

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