How to Tell if Your Window Seal Is Failing

Several modern windows are designed with improved energy efficiency. Oftentimes, they have triple or double panes, which have a seal around the perimeter creating an air-tight fit. Furthermore, in between the panes of glass is a gas-fill for insulation, typically argon.

Window Seal Is Failing

The window seals help lock in the gas, resulting in a barrier that effectively blocks outside temperatures from affecting your home’s interior. This basically keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Needless to say, a window seal failure could mean trouble for your indoor comfort as well as your heating and cooling costs.

Here are tips on how you can spot window seal failure and what you can do to address the issue.

Signs of Window Seal Failure

When looking for signs of window seal failure, you can start by doing a visual inspection of the window assembly. This means cleaning both the inside and outside of the window so that you can be sure you’re not looking at external moisture or grime.

Once you have cleaned the glass, the next step is to check for any glass distortion and sporadic condensation. Sometimes, when inert gas is leaking out of the insulated glass unit (IGU), this causes the panes to slightly bend and collapse in the center – creating a distorted appearance.

In other cases, window seal failure can lead to hazing, fogging or moisture between the panes of glass. Moisture between the two panes is usually more common. The fogginess and hazing may come and go depending on the weather.

Addressing Window Seal Failure

Ultimately, window replacement is the only solution that can resolve this issue and at the same time keep your home energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing. This is a permanent fix, so you will likely be shelling out more money, especially if multiple windows in your home have seal failure.

However, if you’re only dealing with one or two windows that have seal failure, you can opt to have the fog in your windows cleared out. Take note that this only intends to improve the appearance of the window. It won’t actually fix the seal, so you’ll likely have to replace your windows eventually.

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