How New Windows Can Help You Go Green

Tackling a window replacement project is a great way to make your home more eco-friendly. In fact, many homeowners are becoming aware of the benefits of getting new windows. Here’s how they can help you go green.

New Windows

1. Energy Efficiency

Your home&#x2019s energy envelope is composed of your home&#x2019s roofing system, exterior walls, entry doors and, of course, windows. These components are insulated to minimize heat transfer, keeping indoor temperatures consistent throughout the year. With these, you can be sure your heating and cooling systems won&#x2019t have to work twice as hard to keep your living spaces comfortable. By keeping your home&#x2019s energy envelope intact, you consume less energy, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure a greener home.

2. Sustainability

Renovating your home produces a lot of waste material, and the more projects are done, the more likely it is for landfills to be filled up to the brim. Thanks to sustainable materials, the rate of landfills getting filled slows down significantly. Plus, you get to save money while tackling fewer home improvements over the years. At Renewal by Andersen®, we offer replacement windows that have longer life cycles. During window installation, we dispose of your old windows properly, making sure to separate recyclable materials and minimizing landfill wastes as much as possible.

3. Responsible Manufacturing

Renewal by Andersen is front and center when it comes to responsible manufacturing. Our window frames, for instance, are made of Fibrex®, which is our exclusive composite material that boasts the natural beauty of wood and the low-maintenance qualities of vinyl. It consists of 40% wood fibers by weight, which are sourced from trimmings from our parent company Andersen® Corporation.

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