A Guide to Understanding Your Replacement Window Warranty

When investing in replacement windows, there are several factors you need to consider. Apart from the framing material, type of glass, and other energy-efficient features, you also have to take the warranty of the products into account. It varies from one manufacturer to another, so it pays to understand what is covered (and what is not) before making a purchase. 

Replacement Window Warranty

What Are the Types of Warranties?

Before committing to your choice of replacement windows, it’s best to understand the type of warranty that comes with them. Here are the different types of window warranties to keep in mind:

  • Limited lifetime warranties are the most common type of warranty. These are usually offered by the manufacturer to cover poor workmanship. With a limited lifetime warranty, however, take note that “lifetime” depends on the amount of time the manufacturer determines the windows can maintain maximum quality. As such, low-quality windows can come with a limited lifetime warranty of only three to five years, while high-end windows can be warranted for decades. 
  • Lifetime warranties are more inclusive than the aforementioned warranty as they cover all window replacement parts. However, like limited coverages, lifetime warranties are only valid for a certain period depending on your window manufacturer. 
  • Prorated warranties cover a decreasing percentage of replacement part costs. This warranty means the homeowner will pay more for repair expenses if the window is older. 
  • Double-life warranties are one of the most durable warranty types. This warranty offers window coverage for as long as the home is owned. It can even be passed on to the next homeowner when the time comes to sell your home.

What Do Your Window Warranties Typically Cover?

The coverage of your window warranty depends on your window contractor and the manufacturer. If you have a Limited Lifetime Warranty, it can cover many things, including window materials, hardware, and installation. Window materials, for example, are often guaranteed to last a certain amount of time without showing signs of wear and tear. Should your window material become damaged within that period, the repair or replacement expenses can be covered under warranty. 

Energy-efficient glass options can also be included under your Limited Lifetime Warranty. Although inert gases are designed to last for many years inside the window, there may be instances in which the gas depletes at a much faster rate. Fortunately, this can be repaired under your warranty. 

At Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, we offer a fully transferable limited warranty, which includes parts, labor, and original installation, for every replacement window we install. Whether you choose picture or casement windows, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is well-protected. Call us today at (281) 547-6177, or fill out our online contact form for a free in-home consultation. Our Texas service areas include Katy, TX, and the surrounding communities in the Greater Houston area.