4 Reasons You Need Black Windows for Your Home

Most homeowners often choose white or other lighter colors for their windows’ frames and sashes. To make your windows seamlessly stand out, you may want to consider black. It is a timeless, sophisticated color that adds depth to an understated room. This has been an ongoing home trend for years and is loved by interior designers and homeowners alike.

Black Windows for Your Home

If you’re still unsure what window color you should get, take the time to read this article from Renewal by Andersen® of Houston. In this post, we share four benefits of incorporating black windows in your home. 

1. They Add Drama to Your Space

When paired with white walls, dark window frames, sashes and trim can energize your living spaces. If you want to add drama to your home or try something more “daring,” you can never go wrong with these bold windows. They catch the attention of anyone walking inside the room and help draw the eye upwards. They work best in rooms where you plan to entertain guests or in any living space where you want to showcase its high ceilings.

2. They Make a Statement

Do you want to decorate your room but don’t want to go all out with the décor or artwork? A window with black trim can be the ideal choice for you because it makes the whole window become the focal point of the space, especially when set against a light-colored background. The dark outline of the black trim defines the window’s shape, accentuating it further. To achieve the best look, consider leaving it bare – no curtains or drapes – but only if privacy isn’t a concern. 

3. They Frame Outdoor Views

If you have a gorgeous outdoor view, you can show them off with large black windows. Their frames help highlight your windows and your picturesque view. As mentioned previously, dark colors on windows help capture the eyes of the viewer, which helps move the attention away from unattractive areas around your home. Also, since your windows are constantly exposed to the sun, it’s a good idea to have black windows to counter the daylight. 

4. They Hide Imperfections

Black windows not only highlight beautiful outdoor views but also help hide imperfections such as baseboard scuff marks. Unlike lighter shades, you don’t have to worry about keeping your windows scuff-free. This is extremely beneficial for homeowners with kids or pets. It’s worth noting, however, that dust is more visible on black, so it’s best to keep them clean at all times. 

If you’re interested in adding black windows to your home, turn to the pros at Renewal by Andersen of Houston! Our team in Houston, TX, offers durable and low-maintenance Fibrex® replacement windows. With Fibrex, you can get windows in any color scheme, including black! For a free in-home consultation, call us today at (281) 547-6177, or fill out our online contact form.