How to Check if Your Window Seals Have Failed

Over time, even the sturdiest window seals can fail due to wear and tear or exposure to the elements. Before any major problem happens, it would be best to conduct inspections to check if your window seals have failed. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Houston enumerates the areas to review if your window seals have failed.

Window Seals Have Failed

Look for Signs of Moisture or Air Leaks

The first sign of a failed window seal is usually moisture or air leakage. Condensation on the glass or between the panes may signify that your seals have started to fail. Other indicators might manifest through whistling noises or air drafts coming through the windows.

Inspect the Window Frame

In addition to checking for drafts, inspecting the window frame itself is also important. Look for any gaps or cracks in its material. These are indications the entire set needs replacement. Ask your window replacement contractor for a new set that can last for decades.

Check for Rot or Damage

Inspect the window seals for any signs of rot or damage. Check for cracks, warping or discoloration if there is no mold growth or rot anywhere. Warping and deformations occur because moisture has infiltrated the window frame and they may need replacements afterward.

Tips for Maintaining Your Window Seals 

Keeping your window seals in good condition is key to ensuring that your home remains properly insulated from cold air and moisture, especially in winter. Inspect the window seals and replace them when necessary. Furthermore, always clean your windows to keep them in good shape.

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