Your Home’s Windows are Stealing Your Hard Earned Money!

If you write a check out every month to pay the electric utility or gas company, you know that energy costs are taking up a bigger and bigger portion of your home’s budget. But did you know that a significant portion of the money you are paying to heat and cool your home is being “stolen” by your old windows and doors?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that approximately 30% of a home’s energy is lost through inefficiently insulated doors and windows. That’s like throwing away almost one-third of the money you spend on heating and cooling costs. Who can afford that?

Poorly insulated doors and windows allow heated air (in the winter) and cooled air (in the summer) to radiate from your home, forcing your heating and air conditioning systems to work extra hard to maintain the desired temperature. That burns more fuel and requires more electricity – a costly combination. At the same time, outside air can seep into your home, making the problem even worse.

The solution is to replace inefficient windows and doors with newer models that incorporate energy-saving materials and features. For example, typical wood or steel doors offer very poor insulation value. But a door made of advanced materials (such Fibrex composite) around a steel frame deliver the same strength, but help to prevent energy loss.

Window replacement can have an even greater effect on your home’s energy efficiency – there are many more windows than doors in most homes! Insulated frames and sashes that are properly sealed and snugly installed will prevent leaks, and advanced glass that has “low emissivity” (Low-E) characteristics forms a thermal barrier to significantly reduce energy transfer.

The result is a home in which the temperature is much easier to regulate, uses less energy for heating and cooling, and can be more comfortable all year long. With the added benefit of lower monthly utility bills!

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