Energy Saving Residential Projects from Renewal by Andersen®

Everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment. This is particularly true for industry leaders like us. Caring for our environment is one of our company values. Our parent company, the Andersen® Corporation, exemplifies this. The Andersen Corporation is proud to be part of a Net Zero home project.

Energy Saving Residential Projects from Renewal by Andersen®

Net Zero Homes

A Net Zero home produces as much energy as it consumes and is incredibly energy-efficient. This smart use of energy minimizes the home’s impact on the environment and reduces resource consumption. Aiming for Net Zero homes is an important step in making our society more eco-friendly. Nonetheless, you don’t need a new home construction if you want to help our environment. Energy-saving home improvement projects like a window or door replacement Spring, Texas, will also help.

Replacement Doors

Doors cover one of the largest openings in your home. That’s why it’s important to get a replacement if your current doors are damaged or drafty. Plenty of air can escape through inefficient doors, causing your utility systems to consume more energy than it should. Not only do you pay more energy bills, but this also indirectly causes more resource consumption for power plants. If you have patio doors that are old and need constant repair, call us right away.

We can provide you with durable solid core doors in Spring, TX. We designed our patio doors to be tough and weathertight. These can stand against any weather and won’t allow any air to get in or out of your home. These also come standard with our High Performance™ Low E4® glass. This glass option has a special low-emissivity coating that reflects heat. It will help keep your home’s temperature stable and reduce your utility system’s energy consumption.

Replacement Windows

Replacing your windows is also a good energy-saving project. Aside from featuring our performance glass packages, we also manufacture our windows from a special composite material, Fibrex®. This excellent insulator stays stable and rigid under any temperature or weather condition. This reduces the chance of air leaks, making our windows energy-efficient. In fact, our windows can help you cut 25% off your utility bills.

These home improvement projects will save you money, make your home more comfortable, and help protect our environment. Renewal by Andersen of Houston is the trusted company for replacement windows and doors in Spring and the surrounding areas. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about our doors and windows, or if you would like to schedule a free in-home consultation.