4 Benefits of Natural Lighting at Home

It’s tough to find the right lighting at home. Different homeowners look for energy-saving variants to get more light while reducing their energy bill. As a window contractor, we recommend a new approach: natural lighting. Rather than waste electricity during the day, try brightening your rooms with sunlight from the windows. Here are some of the benefits this can bring.

4 Benefits of Natural Lighting at Home

1. Healthy Eyesight

It’s easy to strain your eyes with a daily dose of smartphones, LED screens and fluorescent bulbs. However, natural light can reduce that and keep your eyesight in peak condition. It even makes the room easier to see.

2. Better Productivity

When you feel like you can’t deal with the daily grind, a dose of sunshine can help. Scientists have found that natural lighting improves your mood and makes you more productive. So, when you need to get chores done, consider pulling the curtains away.

3. Good Night Sleep

It sounds odd: how can sunlight improve your sleep? It turns that the more sunlight you get in the morning, the more sleep you get later on. In fact, even 30 minutes of daylight can lead to an improved sleep cycle. Consider placing the bed next to the sliding windows for a natural wake-up signal.

4. Home Improvement

The obvious implication is that natural light reduces electricity use, so you get to save more. However, it also helps make your room seem larger. More light gives the illusion of openness and highlights the colors within. That can significantly raise your home’s value in the market and put a smile on your face.

How We Can Help

The biggest concern with natural lighting is heat transfer. To solve that, we outfit all our sliding, casement and picture windows with specialized Low-E4® glass. The protective coating diffuses the heat, reducing how much of it goes into your home. The best part is that you get no heat while still retaining all the light.

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