Why Get French Patio Doors for Your Home?

Are you looking for a great patio door option for your home? While some homeowners will go for a sliding door, we think you should consider getting a French door instead. Here’s why.

French Patio Doors

Better Foot Traffic

If you have a sliding and a French door of equal sizes, you’ll immediately notice that the French door does a better job of managing foot traffic. This is because a French door can open up as wide as the frame will allow it while a sliding door can only open as wide as half of its frame size. If you want uninterrupted flow from your patio to indoors and back, you can’t go wrong with French doors.

Better Ventilation

Do you need to air out your home every now and then? Our specialists on doors say that a French patio door is great when it comes to ventilation. You can even control the air flow by choosing between having one or both door panels open. The improved ventilation also helps you reduce the load on your HVAC during the warmer months since the patio door lets plenty of cool air inside.


If you have elderly people or other family members with accessibility issues, then a French patio door is a great option. This is because opening a French door’s panels is just a matter of pushing or pulling them, instead of trying to slide the entire panel all the way to one side. You can make things even easier by having ergonomic handles instead of regular door knobs or latches.

Getting a French Door the Right Way

In order for a French patio door to function properly, it has to be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This is why patio doors should only be installed by certified installation specialists who have the right skills and tools for the job. Having your patio door installed by professionals also helps you avoid unexpected expenses because you are covered by a product or service warranty.

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