The Various Factors Affecting Patio Door Performance

You can dramatically improve the aesthetics and natural lighting of your indoor living space with a new door fixture. That said, the performance of patio doors is an important consideration when you’re looking to replace your old one.

The Various Factors Affecting Patio Door Performance

Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, your local door replacement contractor, shares the various factors that affect patio door performance.


Take note of the fact that patio doors work the same way as windows. As such, you want fixtures with glass packages that can improve your home. As much as possible, refrain from getting windows with single-pane glass. This glass tends to transmit more of the sun’s energy to your home, resulting in uncomfortable indoors during summer and winter. Plus, you’ll be relying more on heating and cooling, which will increase your energy consumption.

Instead, choose patio doors with dual-pane glazing. Two glass panels separated by non-conducting spacers help minimize the transfer of heat. The result is a fixture that contributes to lower energy bills and better energy efficiency for your home.


Another aspect of patio doors involves the materials used. These fixtures need to be made of materials that have superior resistance against the effects of temperature changes. You want those that won’t warp, bend, break, rot or suffer from extreme heat or cold. At Renewal by Andersen, we recognize the importance of these requirements, which is why we offer Frenchwood® and Perma-Shield® patio doors made of rigid wood panels protected with finishes and sheathing.


The way patio doors are installed can also affect their performance. The transition between wall and the patio door frame must be sealed tight to prevent the intrusion of heat and moisture. This is why you need to work with a reliable contractor to ensure an effective and professional installation.

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