Sliding and Traditional French Doors: A Comparison

Two of the most common types of patio doors you might have encountered are sliding and French doors. While both have a lot to offer, it is important to learn the similarities and differences between the two. This is especially true if you are looking to pursue a home improvement project.

Sliding and Traditional French Doors

Sliding Doors

Sometimes referred to as gliding patio doors, this type of door slides horizontally along a track. When installed, it gives you a wider view of the outside, even with its narrow frame. It is a good style choice for rooms with furniture or are near obstructions because they require less space both inside and out. It also has an interlocking system that provides a durable seal to protect your home from the elements and to reinforce your home’s security.

Sliding glass doors come in different configurations. You can choose up to four panels depending on your needs. If you live in a modern, more contemporary home, these doors might be for you.

French Doors

Sometimes referred to as swinging patio doors, they have hinges that allow both doors to open inward or outward from the center. It is a good style choice if you need to move a big piece of furniture or allow guests to easily move around your home during a party. The doors’ wide frame exudes a look of design elegance, which makes them a perfect fit for older, more traditional homes. This door is ideal for rooms with sufficient floor space.

Which Is Better?

You really can’t go wrong with both of these doors. However, choosing the best one for your home ultimately comes down to your budget, the space that you have, your design preferences and overall convenience.

To help you in exploring these two options, you can consult Renewal by Andersen® of Houston. Our company crafts doors using the latest design and manufacturing techniques. This is to ensure that they look great, and they function well and add value to your home.

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