Patio Door Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your roof is relatively new, and you’ve already renovated the siding, but your home still feels like it has room for improvement. If you want to dramatically improve your curb appeal even more, invest in patio doors.

Patio Door Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Here are a few awesome ideas that could inspire you to use your patio doors to make your home look better.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

The patio doors serve as the point of transition from the outdoors (your patio) to the rest of your home. However, that doesn’t mean both sides of the door should be completely separate. By using patio doors with large glass panels, you can add the illusion that your home has a more open, spacious design. You may also consider having your patio door match the ceiling height to have the sliding track hidden from view, making it look like it’s an actual part of the wall.

Size for Scaling

Patio doors can be used to alter the way a person perceives your home’s proportions. For example, small windows and doors make a home look a lot smaller than they actually are while large patio doors will create a sense of grandness and space. If you think your current patio doors look unimpressive, you should call us at Renewal by Andersen® of Houston for door replacement, so we can get you something more appropriately sized for your home.

Contrast and Blending

The roof and walls may serve as the backdrop for other parts of your home’s exterior, but the smaller details dictate how a passerby will view your home. Picking a patio door with a color that contrasts with the roof and siding will draw attention to itself while a neutral tone that blends with the rest of the home encourages viewers to keep looking at your home as a single entity.

A Preview of the Inside

Patio doors can be treated as a sneak peek of what’s inside a home when viewed from outside, and we’re not just talking about the glass pane. You can have your patio doors match the texture and color of indoor elements, such as the walls, ceiling or furniture. This makes it so that both sides of your home have one overarching theme.

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