Key Factors That Affect Long-Term Patio Door Performance

When buying a replacement patio door, nothing matters more than long-term performance. Many factors affect the way the unit protects, weatherproofs, insulates and beautifies your home. For Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, these are the most important things to consider:

Key Factors That Affect Long-Term Patio Door Performance


Most cheap and flimsy exterior doors have two things in common: hollow sill and sash sections. Although these products have drainage, they usually fail and require door replacement after 8 to 10 years because their cavities are impossible to clean. They collect dirt and animal hair over time, clogging the holes that should drain the water out.

However, our sliding patio door systems have a sloped sill made from extruded aluminum to keep the water from coming in. And without any place to accumulate filth that could gum up the works, expect a lifetime of smooth operation.


While hollow-core doors try to reconcile durability and energy efficiency, their cavities add little value to their strength. They deliver weak resistance to impact damage and offer inferior security because of their lightweight construction.

Meanwhile, our patio doors are guaranteed to be structurally sound. Their sash encases raw, laminated veneer lumber, and their frame is treated pine.

Cladding Material

The lack of a durable sheath can compromise the strength of the core door material. To protect our products against water, we use a urethane base finish and a rigid vinyl cladding material for our hinged and sliding products, respectively. As a result, they stay attractive and damage-free with little maintenance.


Most importantly, the quality of your doors is only as good as their installers. To ensure a high level of proficiency and avoid workmanship errors, turn to a company that doesn’t use subcontractors – like Renewal by Andersen of Houston. Our Certified Master Installers exclusively handle our projects to deliver faultless work without fail.

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