Expert Tips on Choosing Patio Door Hardware

Door hardware is more than just a means to operate your patio doors. With the right choices, it can extend door functionality, improve security and can make the plainest design look magnificent. Choose the right patio door hardware with the following tips:

Expert Tips on Choosing Patio Door Hardware

Consider the Security Options

Check the default locking system that’s offered with the patio doors. While single-latch door locks serve their purpose, they can only provide basic security and can be easily forced open with a strong gust of wind. This is why all our patio doors feature stronger security features, such as the five-point locking system on our hinged French doors and the Andersen®-designed reach-out locking system on our gliding patio doors. We also offer optional foot locks for the latter and exterior keyed locks for all patio door styles.

Choose Styles and Finishes That Match Your Existing Hardware

A wide selection of hardware colors and finishes lets you color-match your existing window and entry door hardware, which gives your home a consistent look. The style is also important; it would be a glaring mismatch if you happen to choose modern hardware styles when the rest of your home has ornate ones.

This is why our patio door replacement hardware options cover all the bases, with 8 different hardware styles and 12 colors and finishes. You can even choose different ones for your interior and exterior hardware. Plus, our bronze hardware option grows a green patina that looks even more beautiful over time.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

Patio door maintenance doesn’t just extend to the frames and glass. Door hardware should be easy to clean and be made of a material that doesn’t develop rust, especially since one side of the door that is exposed to the elements. Renewal by Andersen® patio doors have the same low-maintenance requirements as our frame materials and feature our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass packages, which have special coatings that seal the finish and provides long-term protection against tarnish and corrosion.

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