Doors Repurposed: Creative Ways to Recycle Doors

Don’t throw away your old doors just yet. You can breathe new life into these old doors by turning them into furniture pieces. By recycling them, not only will you add value to your home, but you’ll also get to help the environment.

Doors Repurposed: Creative Ways to Recycle Doors

Pantry Doors 

Why not use your old front door to replace dingy pantry doors? By doing so, you’re adding color and personality to what may otherwise be drab pantry and utility rooms.

Folding and Patio Tables 

You can turn your door into a picnic or patio table. Weathered wood fits in perfectly with the ruggedness associated with picnics and al fresco dining.

Not an outdoorsy person? You can mount your old doors on your walls to make a folding table, which is perfect for folding laundry downstairs.

Outdoor Bar

Worn wood is also a great material for vintage-style bars. Although you can place the bar anywhere on your property, the outdoors is a better fit for the ruggedness associated with weathered wood.

Book Case 

You can also use weathered wood to make a vintage bookcase. Or, if you want the new bookcase to be more consistent with your interior and exterior, you can apply a fresh coat of paint to the bookcase.

Picture Frames 

If your door has geometric designs, you can place pictures in the parts where the glass panes would normally be.

If you still haven’t found a door replacement yet, it would be a good idea to check if a brand offers customization options. Doors manufactured according to a set of dimensions may not be a great fit for your home.

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