3 Autumn Patio Door Maintenance Tips

Autumn is a season with generally calm weather. However, you still have to prepare components like your windows and doors for them to perform at optimal levels for the upcoming months. Here, we’ll take a special look at patio doors.

Patio Doors

Clean Your Doors Annually

It’s best to clean your doors in the spring and fall. To give them a thorough cleaning, we recommend dipping a soft cloth into a mild soap and water mixture. When rubbing the surface of your patio doors, be sure not to be too rough so as not to scratch them. Also, remember not to use mixtures with strong detergents, such as ammonia, that can tarnish your sleek patio doors. This is also a good practice to apply for all kinds of windows as well and gives them a great shine.

Lubricate Them Annually

Be sure to lubricate their components. Keeping them well-lubricated ensures that they can operate smoothly. This reduces the chance of them creaking, being difficult to operate and damaging the rollers and tracks. Be sure to apply an adequate amount of lubricant to your rollers so that it can spread evenly throughout the tracks.

Remove Screens Before Winter

You can remove the screens of your fenestration products to prepare for the upcoming season. Screens can collect a lot of dirt and dust so this is a great opportunity to clean them or have them replaced so that they can perform better when they will be highly used.

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