Window Repair or Replacement: Your Practical Options

Having trouble opening or closing your window? Are the frames and sashes on your windows cracked, peeling, or rattling in the wind? Are the panes getting foggier? Are there drafts in your house? Are your heating and cooling bills spiking up? All these questions point to one culprit – a faulty window.

New replacement windows would really host a lot of benefits for you: a much smoother operation, lower maintenance, more comfort, and of course more energy savings. But don’t be on a rush. Find out first if your windows can be saved through repair. We at Renewal by Andersen®, the top company for window replacement in Houston TX, recommend that you check on these two parts to gauge which action would be better to take:

  1. Frames and Sashes

Check the frames from the inside and from the outside. Frames, sashes, and/or muntins that are showing signs of rot and deterioration, will allow water and air leak into your house, causing drafts, discomfort, and higher energy bills. If the damage is spotty or inconsistent, then a repair is just enough. But if most parts of the frame and sash are rotting, then it’s time to get them replaced.

  1. Panes and Seals

Broken panes and cracked seals are some of the most common window problems. This does not require replacing the entire window but it does require having the glass replaced and resealed.

Basically, your windows will be fine for just repairs as long as the frames are not completely rotten/ deteriorating, or if the glass isn’t broken. To be sure, have us at Renewal by Andersen check and see if complete replacement is needed or if simple repairs will suffice. We know pretty much everything about windows – from professional installations to quick repairs. We also offer different styles to choose from – from casement windows to double hung windows in Houston TX. Call now for your free in-home consultation.