Window Findings: Common Window Issues That You Should Know

Your windows in Houston TXare essential components of your property that keep the elements out and help define your home’s exterior beauty. Overtime, they may not be able to function efficiently due to several factors. When this happens, you may have to deal with problems, such as costly repairs and increased energy consumption.

To help you avoid unnecessary headaches, we’ve listed down window concerns that you should be aware of but are not easily noticeable:

Leaky Windows
Windows may get drafty due to several factors including the window’s age and poor installation. It isn’t always easy to see air leaks as the gaps between the case and the frame, or the frame and the pane can be too small. Doing a smoke test can help you spot leaks easily.

To do this, close your windows and place a lit incense stick in front of the window frame. When the smoke moves inward, then you’ve found an air leak. Schedule a window inspection as soon as you can. Don’t forget to check your warranty coverage, as you may still be entitled for a claim, especially when the cause of the air leak is improper window installation.

Window Condensation
Excessive indoor humidity or broken window seals may cause window condensation. Too much of it may cause paint on the sash to peel. Condensation outside the frame is normal while condensation on the inner surfaces of the windowpanes is due to air and water infiltration.

Inefficient Windows
Are your heating and cooling costs increasing? Check your windows, as they may be responsible for your higher energy bills. The Department of Energy notes that a significant amount of energy loss may be caused by your windows. This may happen when regulated indoor air escapes through undetected gaps on the windows. Furthermore, you may be losing energy through your windows when they’re made from inefficient materials, such as wood.

Many window products today are made from energy-efficient materials, such as composite frames and low-e panes that limit heat transfer. The space between the windowpanes is filled with insulating gas, which helps prevent condensation and maintain comfort all year round.

Check these window issues now and don’t let them cause more problems to your home. When you are in need of energy-efficient window replacement in Houston TX, contact Renewal by Andersen® of Houston. Our company offers top-of-the-line products backed by professional installation and dependable warranties.

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