The Value of Using Tempered Glass for Your Windows

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is designed to resist cracking. This strength is achieved through heat treatment which makes it four times stronger than regular glass. While it’s mainly used for vehicle windows, tempered glass is also ideal for house windows. If you’ve considered window replacement in Houston TX and would like to use tempered glass for your new windows, talk to Renewal by Andersen® of Houston about tempered glass options.

Why should you consider installing new windows in Houston, TX, equipped with tempered glass? The value of tempered glass comes from the following advantages:

  • Heat resistance. The process of applying heat makes the molecules within the glass more resistant to high temperatures than regular glass.
  • Safety. Tempered glass does not break into multiple, jagged glass shards upon impact. If the window glass is shattered, it will break into rounded, less dangerous pieces.
  • Easy clean-up. Because it will break into chunks instead of jagged shards, the clean-up of tempered glass is easier and safer.

Take advantage of the benefits of tempered glass and allow Renewal by Andersen to provide you with the high-performance windows that you need. For more information on our products and services, contact us today at (281) 547-6177. You can also call and schedule a free in-home consultation.