The Right Windows for Texas Architectural Styles

When buying replacement windows for a home with some historical value, it makes sense to buy those that are architecturally appropriate. Texas architecture has had a long and remarkable history of architectural influences, over a long period of colonization and settlement. Today, many of these styles survive in commercial and residential structures. It’s always a good idea to buy windows in Sugar Land, Texas that are faithful to the original architectural style.

Architectural Styles

Spanish Colonial Revival

This was originally brought to Texas by Spanish missionaries and soldiers during the late 17th century, through the 18th. Spanish Colonial Revival is known for its gabled and thatched sloped roofing, the earth-and-lime concrete used on villa-style flat roofs, and walls made of sun-baked mud bricks. Modern iterations use shingles in place of thatch, while stucco replaced mud as the siding of choice.

Choose our casement windows to meet the archetypal style of this home. Wrought iron grilles were commonplace, but now you can have lighter grilles that aren’t as susceptible to rust.

Greek Revival

Often referred to as “Southern Colonial”, this style is known for its Greek columns that support a hipped-roof colonnade, with a central portico as the focal point. The porch could extend to three sides of the building. This utilizes six-pane double-hung windows, though our sliding windows in Sugar Land, Texas, with similar pane counts can work as well.

Ranch Style

Architects of the post-WWII era favored diverse styles that were disassociated from traditional styles. One of the products of this era is the Ranch-style architecture, notable for being single-story structures with sprawling floor plans and long, low rooflines.

Large contemporary patio doors and picture windows in Sugar Land, TX, are typical of Ranch-style homes. They provide illumination and uninterrupted views. They are sure to work well with the semi-minimalist aesthetic.

Renewal by Andersen® of Houston offers windows that don’t just fit your home’s architectural style, but also have energy efficiency features, zero maintenance, and transferable limited warranties. Be sure to consult us about our range of windows. If you want to know more, call us today at (281) 547-6177 or fill out our contact form.