RBA Through The Years: The Best on Replacement Windows

There are many companies that offer door and window replacement in Houston TX, with promises to render proper installation, to use only sturdy materials, as well as deliver on the dot. However, many of them are only good at claiming but cannot fulfill their words to the customers.

Among other competitors in the industry, Renewal by Andersen stands out from the rest. As one of the major brands of the Andersen Corporation, which is well known for being the largest window and door manufacturer in North America, commitment to clientele is a company core value.

Mapping back the history of the company, our humble existence began at 1903 working with logs. From then on, we have been flourishing with time and further expanding, to provide excellent products and services. Our experience over the years makes us experts in the field.

From manufacturing products out of sturdy logs, we innovated with other material composition like Fibrex, which is made of 40% wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer.

In 1952, Welded Insulating Glass was made specifically against condensation and frost. Today, Renewal by Andersen engineered the advanced Low-E glass which has two types: High Performance Low-E4 glass and advanced High Performance Low-E4 SmartSun™ glass. Both of these have energy-efficient features which can save your home 45 to 70% of electricity consumption on an average.

In 2007, the company made available Andersen® 400 Series double-hung windows with Stormwatch®protection. Today, double hung windows in Houston TX are now available with gently curved check rail (contemporary) and square check rail (traditional).

In addition, these are exclusive patent s of the company. And not all company or contractor has the certification to offer such durable and stylish kind of product. That is why, after all these years we’re still the most-sought when it comes to windows and doors replacement.

We at Renewal by Andersen put our clients on high regards. Contact us today for more information about us.