Protecting Your Furniture at Home From Being Sun-Faded

Its summer time in Texas and you want to splurge on relaxing on your comfy sofa while enjoying the ambiance brought by the warm light from outside. Notice that the rays compliment your furniture, creating a certain ambiance. If you want to maintain this vibe at home, proper care is needed. And you should know that your lamps, chairs, and tables are at risk.

Furniture at home does not only add aesthetic appeal and ambiance. Importantly, these fixtures that cost you are also essential investments for your interior due to their functionality. However, weather changes, sunlight, dust among others can cause damage and diminish its condition. shares some helpful tips on how to add life span and maintain the beauty of your furnishing:

Furniture can deteriorate quickly if stored in a basement (high moisture), attic (high heat), garage or non -climate controlled storage units or warehouses (continual changing conditions). Excess heat and dryness can cause wood to split and/or crack. Keep your furniture away from all direct heat sources like radiators, wood stoves and air ducts. If you need to put your furniture near a heat source, use a shield or diverter to deflect or direct heat away. Wood is most likely to check (crack) when the climate in your home suddenly changes from hot and humid to cold and dry. Frequent and sudden changes in humidity and temperature are especially bad.

Moreover, prevention is always better than cure. Renewal by Andersen, a replacement company of windows in Sugarland Texas can provide that for you; featuring our Low-E glass technology.

Our High Performance Low-E4 and High Performance Low-E4 SmartSun advanced types of glass can let the light in your home while keeping out the heat and harmful UV rays from the sun that can damage the condition of your furniture. Also, these two products have energy-efficient features, as it aids in regulating the temperature of your home whether hot or cold.

We at Renewal by Andersen offer these in different window types such as double hung, casement and picture windows in Sugarland TX.

Contact us today to save your furniture from sun damage.

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