Fibrex® Vs. Vinyl: What’s Better for Your Home in Houston?

Are your windows starting to wear out? Have you been considering window replacement in Houston TX? There are certainly a lot of window styles and materials to choose from. During your search for new windows, you might have read about a certain material called Fibrex® which we at Renewal by Andersen® utilize for our windows. What is this material and how is it better than traditional materials like vinyl?

Fibrex is a material that is composed of a polymer combined with 40% wood fiber. This composition allows this material to offer the strength and insulating capabilities of wood while retaining the low maintenance qualities of vinyl.

Now that we’ve explained the composition of this material and its qualities, let’s compare it with one of the popular window materials out there, vinyl.

Vinyl is a cheap alternative material used in most windows. The main advantage a homeowner gets from this material is its resistance to scratching and rotting. Furthermore, this material requires very little maintenance and can still provide good insulation.

Unlike Fibrex, however, vinyl falls short in a couple of very important categories: strength and beauty.

Because of Fibrex’s strength, the frames and sashes of our windows can be made narrower, meaning more glass and a better view. On the other hand, vinyl frames have been known to have a higher expansion and contraction rate. This may cause the frame to bow, which can break the glass seal.

Lastly, in terms of aesthetic appeal, because of Fibrex, Renewal by Andersen windows can preserve the architectural design of any home by reflecting the shape and lines of the original windows giving them a natural look. The uniqueness of this material allows it to be made into any kind of window which includes curved specialty windows. In comparison, Vinyl frames are often thicker which reduces the glass area. This is going to make your windows look artificial.

Now that you have the facts, you can clearly see that Fibrex is the wiser choice and that’s just compared to vinyl. For more information on Fibrex windows in Houston TX, and comparisons with other materials, contact Renewal by Andersen today!