5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Selecting a Window Contractor

Your house is your biggest and most important investment. Therefore, you cannot afford for your home improvement or reinforcement projects – like window replacement in Houston TX – to fail. That means you flushed a portion of your hard-earned money down the drain.

The performance of your contractor is only as good as the product when skilled and licensed. For you to avoid shoddy works and fraudulent people, here are things to spot before hiring for a surefire window replacement success:

1.    Don’t hire someone who isn’t in demand.
You want a contractor who can easily be approached and can easily fit your project into their schedule. It is better when a contractor is in demand. This is indicative of the quality of services they render, as they are sought-after. There must be a reason why they are, and that can get a little shady.

2.    Don’t hire someone who is unlicensed.
An unlicensed contractor is surely a no-no. With that kind of contractor, you can’t be sure of anything. When something wrong happens in the installation process and transaction, running after them gives you no assurance you get your money back. Having no license means they aren’t professional and the government doesn’t know they’re operating. Licenses come with insurances and warranties, which only legitimate contractors have.

3.    Don’t hire someone who beats around the bush.
When a good contractor gives an estimate, they stand by what the word they’ve given to their client. A reliable contractor gives an honest estimate full of details. A bad contractor, however, plays around, adjust their prices, and bargain in any way for you to accept. The estimate, as much as possible, should be in writing.

4.    Don’t hire someone who isn’t accommodating enough.
A bad contractor just plainly comes over and observe. When you ask questions, a bad contractor answers in loops or doesn’t really answer your question at all. A good contractor, on the other hand, encourages open communication, as he/she wants to achieve quality results and establish rapport with client.

5.    Don’t hire a contractor whose business name has changed quite a lot of times.
A bad contractor tries to hide its shady business tracks from the government and other reputable organizations by changing its name. Doing a background check to a probable contractor should be on your list every time.

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