5 Indicative Signs Your Windows Need Replacement

Saying that nothing stays forever is a cliché, but we just can’t deny its truth. No matter how long-lasting a window is, everything will get worn out over time. You need to replace those tatty windows because they may be causing you to spend more money, and feel uncomfortable and stressed n your own home.

Renewal by Andersen®, the industry leader in window replacement in Katy TX and all over the country, provides you with five indicative signs you need a new set of windows.

1. Your energy bills have been increasing.
Your home’s heating can be lost through gaps in windows. It is due to your windows’ incapacity to fill in completely the whole window space. With your windows being inefficient, you would require more heating and cooling—something that comes at a huge cost, especially during the peak of summer and winter. Therefore, it’s best that you replace them as soon as possible.

2. You see light pass under your window sill.
Light should be passing through your window, not above or under it. You should also note that when a window is closed, light shouldn’t be seeping at the sill. If light can pass under it, so can water. That’s when your biggest troubles begin. If they’re at a shape this bad, you need to say goodbye to those old windows.

3. You feel drafty.
This might be caused by bad windows. Any kind of drafty air, whether hot or cold shouldn’t be seeping inside your home when the windows are closed. Furthermore, it must be that your windows are no longer tightly fitted on your windowsill. Drafts make your heating and cooling systems work extra hard, increase your energy bills, and make you feel too warm or too cold at home.

4. You find your windows difficult to maneuver.
You have a hard time moving your windows. Open windows are supposed to stay open, closed windows are supposed to stay close. When they don’t, something’s not right with your windows as they’ve already lost balance, which can be unsafe. While in some cases this happens due to a mechanism problem, many situations like this occur because windows are way past their lifespan.

5. You observe condensation forming on your window.
If you see mist or cloudy formation on your window, it’s a sign that your window should be replaced because it’s no longer efficient at insulating. This can be a major problem for double- and triple-pane windows as they can no longer serve their insulating/energy efficiency purpose.

Have you seen any of these signs in your windows? Call Renewal by Andersen® of Houston today and we’ll schedule a free inspection. We provide window installation in Katy Texas & surrounding areas.