Patio Door Installation Checklist for Home Improvement Newbies – Part Three: After the Installation

We covered the essentials a homeowner should know about before and during a patio door installation. Now, to cap off our series, we will examine after-installation procedures and maintenance.

Waste Management

Most of the time, your installer or remodeler should take care of the debris after installation. In the event that he or she does not, however, home resource Homewyse estimates disposal will cost you around 20 to 25 dollars. Alternately, you can donate the scraps to some non-profit organizations or agencies, one of the most popular of which is ReStore.


Cleaning and lubrication. Patio doors are supposed to open and close easily, and when they do not, the reason is commonly debris stuck in the track. Every time you vacuum your floor, take a brush or use a cordless vacuum to clean the gliding tracks. Also, lubricate the upper and lower tracks as well as the door lock to ensure easy operation. The glass should also be cleaned and lubricated. Take care never to power wash your patio doors as this may damage them. Also, try not to mix cleaning solutions and just stick with one type.

Routine inspections. Routinely checking your patio doors for signs of damage is necessary to preventing issues before they even manifest or can help curb further damage once it’s started. These issues may include difficulties with opening and closing, difficulties with locking the door, the presence of drafts, and discoloration on the floor. When you do notice these problems, commission the help of a professional immediately.

In closing, remember that a successful patio door installation is a joint effort between you and your chosen door professional. As such, it is necessary to cooperate fully with your door remodeler or installer. If you have any questions or concerns, for instance, don’t hesitate to bring them up, and to make sure you get satisfactory answers. Also, ask your door professional to guide you after the installation to make sure you get to benefit the most from your new patio doors.